Angela’s posts about our Church

Here are a few posts written by Angela about her experiences in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For official doctrine about our Church, you may visit or

6 Muffins and a Few Unspoken Wishes— faith and miracles and women in the Church

Pressed down, Shaken Together, and Running Over— teaching in the Church

The Body Hath Need of Every Member— inviting others to join us at church

Light in the Darkness— priesthood, miracles, and a loving Heavenly Father

By Small and Simple Means— teaching the youth, faith, and miracles

Choosing Happiness— leadership in Church congregations, service, marriage, happiness

Rejoice and Be Exceedingly Glad: Dealing with Persecution

A Sleepless Night— dealing with feelings of inadequacy, we are children of God, and grace

Alli— the purpose of temples and family history

Sick, and Ye Visited Me— living the teachings of the Savior

A Soldier, a Mother, and a Quilt— mourning with those that mourn

Wait– and buy this— personal revelation

Angels in the Attitude of Singing— favorite hymns

How I Know— how to know truth

Rescued— thoughts about the Savior Jesus Christ

Grace— thoughts on the relationship between faith, works, and grace

Imperfect, but having great potential — working toward an ideal marriage even when it doesn’t look like one.

I’m with you, so you’ve got this–the Lord’s idea for us may be different than our own. With him, we can become something better than we set out to be.

My Daisy–love and patience are essential in our efforts to help others.

Extremity–Getting out of our comfort zone is the key to receiving help from our Heavenly Father

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